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Reiki & Sound Therapy
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Sound Therapy



Reiki is a hands-on energy technique originally practiced in Japan. The practitioner of Reiki receives an attunement, which then allows the universal energy to flow through his/her hands and into the client, the universal energy then flows to the areas that are in need of healing. Anyone can be attuned to give Reiki to others. If you are interested in receiving your own Reiki attunement, please email or speak to Jennifer.

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The World Health Organization and the National Institue of Health recognize the ability of Oriental Medicine to treat numerous conditions, including the following: Gastrointestional; genitourinary; gynecology; respiratory; neuromusculoskeletal; emotional/psychological; addictions; and general medicine.

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Sound Therapy

Music has been used for healing for thousands of years. Sound therapy incorporates Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks in the acupuncture treatment. These modalities work on the premise that sound waves have a vibration quality that resounds with the body's own energy systems. Tuning forks are positioned on or above the body at various places corresponding to acupuncture points, and the bowls are situated at different points around the room to enhance the healing atmosphere.

For SAME DAY appointments, or if you don't see an appointment time that fits in your schedule, please email me ( or call/text me (206-817-1927), as I might be able to accommodate you.

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