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Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine is a healing tradition based on a system that is more than 3000 years old. It is based on the idea that the body is made up of a vital force, or energy, called Qi (pronounced "chee") Qi flows through the body along various pathways, known as meridians. If the body's Qi becomes blocked, pain or discomfort can develop, often leading to more serious conditions. Qi tends to gather at certain points along meridians, and it is these points that are accessed during an acupuncture treatment to create movement or free blockages. Acupuncture is therefore a therapy that enpowers the patient by encouraging his/her body's own healing system. Because the acupuncturist bases his/her diagnosis on the flow of Qi in the body, conditions that may develop into something more substantial can often be treated before they reach that point.

The needles in an acupuncture treatment are sterile, disposable, flexible, and approximately the width of a hair. If pain on needle insertion is experienced at all, it is fleeting. Treatments are usually experienced as relaxing for most clients.

The World Health Organization and the National Institue of Health recognize the ability of Oriental Medicine to treat numerous conditions, including the following: Gastrointestional; genitourinary; gynecology; respiratory; neuromusculoskeletal; emotional/psychological; addictions; and general medicine.

For SAME DAY appointments, or if you don't see an appointment time that fits in your schedule, please email me ( or call/text me (206-817-1927), as I might be able to accommodate you.

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