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Flower essences have been used for over a century as a gentle way to work with the body’s electrical system through the healing vibrations of plant energy. The infusion of plant and water is preserved in a brandy or vinegar solution. The practitioner determines the types of essences an individual needs based on a series of muscle tests and the healing properties of the plant/s given are read and explained to the client to enable him/her to participate in his/her own healing process.

A flower essence consultation is a 20-minute coaching session in which Jennifer will talk with you about any general life issues that are coming up for you. She will test for a personal flower essence solution that you can take home to use as a supportive therapy in your daily life. Flower essences are excellent for helping someone move through difficult physical, emotional, mental, spiritual situations and are a good adjunct to other therapies. Jennifer can give you more information on how flower essences work and how they can help you in your personal situation.

Flower Essence Consultation:
(including personal essence solution)
20-minute session: $25

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